Artists, it’s time to assemble!

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you got superpowers? Imagine all the spectacular things you could do to make this world a better place! Well, now you can. With your imagination, show us your power and create the superhero you want to be!

All you need to do is use any medium to depict your new superhero using their new powers in a glorious action shot – It could be a water colour or an oil painting, a sketch or a doodle, something drawn with a pen or pencil, totally abstract or through any art medium of your choice.

And your artwork might be chosen as the cover art of the new NESCAFÉ limited edition tin!

The goal of NESCAFÉ has always been to inspire the youth. So, NESCAFÉ Canvas 2.0 is the second season of an online competition or platform for artists who can express creativity and imagination through their art. NESCAFÉ Canvas 2.0 will help spread their art throughout the nation and inspire millions more.

So, what are you waiting for? Unleash the power of your imagination and get started!




The winners will get to win a tab with as their winning prize and their artwork will be painted on the Nescafe square tin - it will have a small description about the artist's through behind the work as well.

The top 20 finalists will receive a NESCAFÉ gift hamper along with a certificate of participation.


Since its birth, NESCAFÉ has continued reinventing itself to become a youth-centric brand that’s more than just coffee. So, on the 50th Birth Anniversary of Bangladesh’s freedom, NESCAFÉ wanted to inspire the youth in an innovative way through an open canvas and learn what freedom meant to them!

Last year, the first season of NESCAFÉ Canvas was a phenomenal success with over 650+ submissions from all over the country! 20 finalists were shortlisted by our judges, and through an intense selection process, two winners were chosen and these winners got their prizes, along with their photos on the microsite!
Once again NESCAFÉ empowered and inspired the youth, and helped them express what freedom truly meant in their eyes.

In fact, the first season was such a great success that we’ve returned with Canvas 2.0 to inspire millions more!


Winner 1

Nescafe Canvas Season 1 winner MAHTAB RASHID

Winner 2

Nescafe Canvas Season 2 ABDULLAH AL ZUNAED